Emirates Wealth – Your Gateway to the Emerging Markets

Emirates Wealth is licensed and regulated by the Securities & Commodities Authority (SCA), under the license number 603041 to act as a promoter and distributor of funds in the UAE.

Promote your Funds to a wide Audience of Investors

We offer your funds to the public and private investors throughout the UAE, GCC and MENA regions. Becoming part of the Emirates Wealth promotion and distribution network guarantees your fund visibility to the regional client base and beyond.

Emirates Wealth is your gateway to the world’s emerging markets. Give your fund the required exposure and promote your products to a wide audience locally, regionally and globally. We provide you with an unparalleled opportunity to access a region of over 3 billion people with a collective GDP of more than USD 6.5 trillion. With two-thirds of the world’s population a few hours away from the UAE, we bring your fund closer to the fastest growing emerging markets of the Middle East, Africa, India and Asia.

Increase your Funds Global Exposure

With our promotion services, your fund will get a premium exposure to retail and institutional clients in the region. We make your funds instantly available to all market participants such as private and public investors, portfolio managers, financial advisors, banks and asset managers.

Thanks to our extensive and long-term experience of fund promotion and distribution, we support you in navigating the necessary requirements of entering new markets around the globe. We assist you to increasing your funds market share in different regions. With Emirates Wealth as your fund promoter, you will have more time to focus on performance and creating alpha for your clients. Let us take care about the sales process and capital raising for your funds. We support, facilitate and standardize your local and cross-border fund promotion and distribution with one single target; to increase AuM of your funds!

Fund Publication

With our fund publication services you will achieve the highest visibility towards your target audience, and fulfill your legal requirements at the same time. Listing your funds on our industry-recognized, international online platform EMFEX will lower your publication costs and make your funds data and documents instantly available to any market participants. We will ensures that your marketing and legal documents such as UCITs KIIDs, PRIIP KIDs, prospectus, monthly fact sheets, fund profiles, etc. are published conforming to local and international legal requirements.

With EMFEX you can simply fulfill your legal publication duties worldwide and publish in real time daily NAV updates, dividend payments, legal notices or any other legal changes of your funds. Investors or users may subscribe to an unlimited number of funds and are automatically notified via email of any changes to the documents to which they have subscribed. Our services also include fund ratings and information of leading rating agencies such as Lipper by Refinitive.

Fund Research

Thanks to our global partner network with the rating agencies, fund administrators and asset managers as well as and other service providers, investors can benefit from many years of a cumulative experience in fund analysis and research, helping them to make an educated decision when searching and investing in mutual funds.

Our fund analysis department allows us to create fund recommendations for any customer and market segment. We continuously monitor the quality of our fund recommendations in collaboration with the fund managers as well as in comparison with the competitive benchmark analysis.

Fund Research

Emirates Wealth is continuously working on innovative solutions to bring fund providers and investors closer together. Our marketing solutions are customized to the individual need of fund providers that want to reach a particular target audience and get investors’ attention.

Especially our EMFEX online marketing campaigns enable you to get directly in contact with investors and to cultivate your business relationships. You can highlight your core competences and through your presence on EMFEX, you will strengthen your brand and increase demand for your investment products.

Key Marketing Features

  • Fund listing and promotion
  • Fund picks and recommendations
  • Digital and online marketing campaigns
  • Email-marketing campaigns
  • Lead generation via Call Centers and Online
  • Newsletters
  • Investors Events and Seminars
  • Roads-shows

Legal Background

Foreign Funds may only be promoted in the UAE by a local promoter that is either;

  • an entity licensed as a Local Promoter by the SCA
  • a bank licensed by the UAE Central Bank
  • an investment company licensed by the UAE Central Bank or SCA
As your local promoter, Emirates Wealth will overtake the following duties;
  • The promotion of your funds to retail and/or qualified investors
  • Due diligence of your fund prior to promotion
  • Following up on performance of your fund to ensure the protection of investor’s assets
  • Ensure the continuity of your fund and the soundness of its legal status at domicile
  • Verify the suitability of the fund to be promoted
  • Determination of risk profile for both, fund and investors
  • Suitability check for both, fund and investors
  • Keeping records of distributed fund’s units
  • Distribution of fund documents and information
  • Distribution of daily rates, NAV and changes
  • Clients’ KYC/AML check